The Electric Circus

Fusing high impact and innovative acts with technology to create a dazzling display of light, contemporary circus, dance, music and motion graphics in an electrifying show!

Choreographed spectrums of light and performers skills create beautiful and mesmerising effects bending reality and releasing the imagination and interactions with motion graphics create magic!

The LED costumes and props are created in-house and programmed with painstaking care on custom-written software to get the most out of every second on stage! The result of all this technical ‘ know-how’ and specialist experience is one of the finest glow shows you will see in the UK.

Exclusive to Butlins 2020 & 2021

In 2018 creators Julie Pattemore, Tim Chown, Ryan Nembard & ‘Gilly’ brought together their expertise and experience in production, Circus, Dance, and technology to create Electric Circus for an exclusive 2-year tour of the 3 Butlins Resorts.

It has been an exciting and eventful journey, and we were lucky to open the show during February Half-term 2020 to packed venues and an incredible reception from the audience!

March saw the show and the rest of the world on pause, a difficult time for all. We prepped to start our tour again in October, and although things were very different, it was wonderful to hear the applause once again.

New for 2022 'Electric City'

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that 2022 sees the return of the Electric Circus to Butlins as Electric City, new name and some amazing new routines… take a peak at what we have been up to in rehearsals! 

Big up guys! an incredible show…

When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone, but when you are great at something… they tell you!

‘Electric Circus’ at Butlins…

I loved the whole experience, absolutely wonderful!

Just got back from seeing your show and you were all absolutely amazing, my 6 and 4-year-old were hooked!

Well done and keep doing what you do!